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I am the creator of the "Subterranean Cinema" website, and I am known as "Don Alex" on most social networking sites, including Facebook.

Dream Out Loud – A Documentary Journey / A Subterranean Odyssey

Dream out Loud – A Documentary Journey – A Subterranean Odyssey – Don Alex – Mitzi Sue Continue reading

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Film as a Subversive Art – Amos Vogel

About a decade ago, for my original “Subterranean Cinema” site, I created an internet version of the classic Amos Vogel book, “Film as a Subversive Art”. Ive located a site online with a PDF version of my adaption! It is … Continue reading

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Subterranean Book of Film Lists

I was born in 1963, and in addition to being a film fan for most of that span of time, I have also been a list fan. I loved “The Book of Lists” (and it’s sequels) in the 70s and … Continue reading

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Subterranean Cinema – Online

Here is a complete list of my current websites and social media pages: Subterranean Cinema – Filter – Facebook – Twitter – Google Plus – MySpace – Ello – LinkedIn – Pinterest … Continue reading

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Seven Beauties / Swept Away – English dubbed

These are very rare English dubbed prints of Lina Wertmuller’s Italian masterpieces, “Seven Beauties” and “Swept Away”. “Seven Beauties” is about an Italian everyman (Giancarlo Giannini) who deserts the army during World War II and is captured by the Germans … Continue reading

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Rolling Thunder – Paul Schrader – screenplay

Rolling Thunder (1977) is a cult classic, directed by John Flynn, and starring William Devane (Charles Rane) and Tommy Lee Jones (Johnny Vohden) as two POWs who return home after seven years of horrific captivity in a Vietnamese prison camp. … Continue reading

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El Topo – A Book of the Film

This is a PDF version of the web adaption that I created for my original “Subterranean Cinema” website, with the complete text of the book + all images contained in it.  I located this PDF on a very obscure Russian … Continue reading

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