Subterranean Book of Film Lists


I was born in 1963, and in addition to being a film fan for most of that span of time, I have also been a list fan. I loved “The Book of Lists” (and it’s sequels) in the 70s and 80s, and I have had a set of “Best Film” lists that I created for every year going back to 1960, which I have updated when I have seen new films and added them, changed my mind about older films that I used to think were good (and vice versa on older ones that I used to think were bad), etc. Now, I have put those lists online on two websites, “Letterboxd” and “Mubi”, and I have also put them “into print”, in PDF format, for easy reading. This is the “Subterranean Book of Film Lists”. Hope you enjoy it!  🙂

COMING SOON – an updated version going back to the year 1900!

Subterranean Book of Film Lists

Subterranean Cinema – Letterboxd

Subterranean Cinema – Mubi

About Subterranean Cinema

I am the creator of the "Subterranean Cinema" website. -
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