The Passion of Andy Kaufman – 2.5 hour tribute film


I created this “fan tribute film” in 2006 to counter what I saw as an idiotic, leering, overacted, overly cutesy, irritatingly overbearing performance in “Man on the Moon” (1999) by Jim Carrey, attempting to “act” like Andy Kaufman and failing miserably, in my opinion, and critics who said he was great in the part obviously didnt remember a lot about the actual man. The real Andy was much funnier and much more subtle in his pranks than the eye-rolling infant that Carrey showed him as. I think “MotM” was an embarrassingly bad film (though Carrey and Giamati’s dual portraits of Tony Clifton were excellent, and actually the only really Good thing in it).

“The Passion of Andy Kaufman” has achieved something of a “cult” reputation on the internet in the subsequent years. I would subtitle it, “Andy’s Greatest Hits”. Now, I bring it back to the internet, because I think it is fun to watch too. I am very proud of how it turned out, and I thank everyone who has watched it over the years and given me positive feedback.

Produced by Alan Graham and Roman Wilderness Productions, here is “The Passion of Andy Kaufman”, free for all. Hope you like it! 🙂

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1 Response to The Passion of Andy Kaufman – 2.5 hour tribute film

  1. Andy's Army says:

    Excellent film! Bob Pagani, co-founder of Andy’s Army, can be seen interviewed by Bill Apter about getting Andy Kaufman inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!!!

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