The Tony Clifton Story – Andy Kaufman – screenplay


A screenplay by Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda, about the venemous conflict between Andy and his brash alter ego, the uncouth Tony Clifton.

The screenplay also contains many of Andy’s classic stand-up routines, and several moments that will cause you to literally laugh out loud, which I did while transcribing the “Hunchback” premiere, the Jerry Lewis-inspired White House visit, and the mention of a statue of Tony pouring a glass of water on the head of …

There are also touching moments (Tony’s deep love for a hooker with a heart of gold, and Andy’s yearning for the little girl he had a crush on as a boy) … and then there is that chilling moment when film “reality” breaks and the camera pulls back to reveal Andy telling the audience that Clifton died of lung cancer at Cedar Sinai Hospital … exactly the scenario that would befall Andy a few short years later.

What a tragedy that this film wasn’t made (and that Heartbeeps was instead). It would be a true cult classic today.

Read the comic vision of Kaufman and Zmuda at last.

The Tony Clifton Story – Andy Kaufman


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