The Stand – Stephen King – screenplay


This is the “lost” Rospo Pallenberg screenplay adaption of the greatest work of horror fiction ever created, Stephen King’s “The Stand”.

At one time, George Romero was slated to direct an R-rated theatrical version based on this screenplay. Unfortunately, it ended up as a watered-down and rather silly network miniseries, instead of the graphic,hard-hitting, surrealistic horror film it deserved to be.

This is the fabled screenplay by the brilliant writer of the “Excalibur” screenplay. It is in many ways a masterpiece unto itself, and it is a true tragedy that this version was set aside for the weak miniseries.

Apparently, a new 3 hour theatrical version is being planned by Warner Brothers. I really hope that they get it right this time! Here is the screenplay of what would have been the Romero/King production of the late 80s.

The Stand – Rospo Pallenberg

This is a link to an archived article that I wrote several years ago, with the full story behind this sadly unrealized production.

The Rise and Fall of “The Stand”


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  1. RobThom says:

    Cool stuff!
    Thank you.

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